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Month: April 2016

The Reasons Why I Started a Blog On Anxiety

I discuss why anxiety is important to talk about. mental health needs to be talked about more

*Disclaimer – I am going to be talking about mental health. A lot.*

So I’ve been thinking lots about the blog recently. I’m really enjoying sharing posts on mental health and the positive impact it’s having on myself and others. I want to share with you the reasons why I started it in the first place (as I don’t think I ever really did!) and want I want to achieve in the long run.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.

I still also very much welcome your story about mental health via the series I’m currently running – This Lil Mind of Mine. All I have for you is a few questions to answer. I’ll then feature you on the blog and you can chose to stay anonymous or not. Look forward to hearing from you!

Let’s get back to the reasons why I started the blog.

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16 Frugal Resources For the Frugalistas Out There!

16 Frugal Resources For the Frugalistas. Useful tips and resources for you.

Living frugally is something that is increasing in popularity. What with lower wages, high living costs, etc. We’re all pinching the pounds somewhere or another. Things will eventually get better, but it doesn’t hurt making small changes.

I’ve written quite a bit on living frugally. As you can tell, along with anxiety, it is something close to my heart. It’s helped me a tonne with accepting and dealing with my money issues and how it makes me anxiety worse.

I’m sure you can probably relate! We can’t get away from money as we need it to survive. But there are ways to keep your expenses down by making a few small changes here and there.

So now I thought I’d share some of my favourite posts, pages and blogs which I think you’ll find interesting! I’ve personally read every one of these and there is no ulterior motive behind it! Just me, sharing things with you. 🙂

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A How-To Guide on Mindfulness + FREE resources

A complete guide to mindfulness plus free resources to check out. Lets help your mental health

Have you ever heard of something called mindfulness? As part of my continued goal to overcome anxiety and the issues I experience, I was recommended this by my doctor. Now I’m recommending it to you!

I know how anxiety can affect your thoughts. If fact I’d say that for me, the main issue I have to deal with is my brain! I can over think things, over-process and analyse  every situation until it becomes impossible to deal with.

The is where mindfulness comes in. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t but you’re here for a reason so let me tell you what it is:

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The Ultimate Resource On Writing to Help Your Anxiety

Lets beat anxiety. Writing is a aproven and the best technique to help with mental illness. This is a full guide on how and why to do it.

By the way, my new eBook, “A Step by Step Actionable Guide to Reaching Your Dreams” is out now! It’s for women who want the best from their life but need a push/bit of guidance. It’s action-packed, non-fluffy and full of content. Click here to read/buy now. I’ll happy wait for you to come back 🙂

As you know, I have a blog.

As you also know, I also like writing useful blog posts.

I created this blog as a way of getting my feelings onto paper (or text haha). It was and still is an outlet for my anxiety. Little did I realise the benefits that would come for me with doing this. It got me thinking one night when all I could do was think about my blog. I was meant to be trying to sleep but I got a bit excited over this thought. Sad I know.

Why don’t I introduce the idea to my fellow bloggers and readers?

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was about 10 years old (not really anymore). I would sneakily buy a blank notebook or notepad with my pocket money and write down my feelings. No one told me to do this, I kinda just went and did it. Sometimes I would write in it every day, sometimes once a month. Most of the time I found I wrote about annoying/sad things that had happened that day.

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