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Month: March 2016

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – A Slow Cooker! I Am Going To Tell You Why

slow cooker

For those that know me, I am all about being frugal. In my last post I gave you some really simple and easy tricks to learn about living frugal.

Bear in mind this ‘frugal-ness’ of mine has been a recent occurrence. Ever since I found money was a huge cause of my anxiety. It took me a long time to realise this and I started to improve my money situation.

Lowering my food costs was the first thing I did. I started cooking from scratch, freezing food to last me, and brought in some other really useful kitchen items and tools which will helped me save money.

In my never-ending quest to eat better (whilst also being very poor), I was given a slow cooker as a present and haven’t looked back since.

You can buy a slow cooker/crockpot from any local supermarket for under £20.

In my honest opinion you don’t need to spend a huge amount on one as they all do the same job. So don’t feel bad for buying a cheap one. That’s what I did and I still have it now!

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4 Really Useful Frugal Tips and Tricks

4 really useful tips and tricks to help you save money and live frugally. Without cutting anything out.


I’m going to kick start Make March Frugal with some really useful tips and tricks to help you start being more frugal.

If you’ve ever wondered or thought about what frugal means, here is the definition:

A person who lives simply and economically can be called frugal.

Living frugally is considered by some as being cheap. But that’s not what being frugal means. Being cheap also isn’t a bad thing. Living frugally has many positive impacts to yourself and others around you.

It’s funny really as a friend of mine, Amy, asked this very question this morning!

I mentioned in my first post for the month about how living frugally has benefited me. I’m not going to preach at you either. I don’t believe in that and although I want to help – I’m not going to push my ideas on you. But as you’re here, it looks as though you’re a little interested!

So here are some of the things I’ve done to live frugally.

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Make March Frugal!

 Living Frugally – Make March Frugal!

This month, I’ve decided to dedicate the whole month to living frugally! This may or may not please you. I’ll tell you what though, saving money is so satisfying! It’s almost smugness-inducing.

There are sooo many ways that living frugally can improve your life. The common misconception is that living frugally will hinder your life. Well I’m going to spend a lot of time (and posts) showing why this isn’t the case.

Let me tell you a story.

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