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Month: March 2016

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Some interesting facts which may or may not surprise you.

This feels a little weird giving you facts about me. Most of my posts are directed at you, my fellow followers/readers!

But I thought I’d give you a little insight into the person who writes these posts. Something a bit different for today. There are going to be some political opinions dotted in around here so don’t hate me – I just feel passionate about certain things.

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Why Living Frugally Benefits Your Anxiety

Living frugally has many benefits for your anxiety. I'm going to explain why.

You might have noticed how much I’m going on about anxiety and why living frugally is so good for it.

Honestly I wouldn’t go on about something so much if I didn’t believe it! From a personal point of view, I’ve found contentment with my life now through accepting my anxiety. This is a direct link for my through living frugally and accepting my situation as a whole.

I’m going to explain a bit more on why I believe it. You may laugh at me but have a read and see what you think! Go on. I dare you.

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Does Your Life End When You Get Engaged?

I discuss what happens when you get engaged. Does your life change?

You may or may not have heard that I got engaged recently. It’s been little over a week now since the occasion arose. Has my life changed? This is quite a personal post today I’m afraid!

I proposed to my partner of two years after jumping on the opportunity of it being a leap year. It was something I’d never considered before and was waiting for him to do the deed. I think I wanted this fairy-tale-type proposal that some girls/women dream about.

I’m not sure sure what I actually wanted now!

I’d been hinting about marriage a year before this that I’d like to, you know, get married. I’m not the most subtle of people and hate surprises. I’m also quite impatient. So I thought I’d hurry up the process!

Many now you can see why I proposed! But that’s not the only reason why I did it.

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Why You Should Practice Positive Reinforcement and It’s Benefits with Anxiety

What to do if you find yourself lacking in confidence. use positivity

So there I was, at work, doing work, and one of my colleagues-cum-friends Amy mentioned she’d had an idea for my blog. I love how she does this! She is very much like me. She is humble, very self critical and kind. So I was glad when she mentioned a blog post idea to me.

I’m writing this post to keep you inspired and to keep remembering that you are amazing and should consider yourself that. Although its my frugal month, I feel focusing on anxiety and personal matters is still important. My ultimate goal is to help others and I feel this post is necessary.

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Fun and Cheap Frugal Hobbies

fun, cheap and easy frugal hobbies to try. Inspiration to live and be happy, cheaply.

There are so many things you can do which cost little to nothing. Whether you have a family or not, I’ve put together a nice list for you to browse for some inspiration.

Many people think that living frugally means never going out, not buying nice food and basically being poor. It isn’t. If anything it helps you free money on areas you might be spending a lot of money on, to use elsewhere!

I suppose it just makes you more aware of what you buy and where you spend money. It helps you to streamline your budget and allows you more control over your finances.

That’s why I love saving money. I can save it for something else, and in my current situation, paying off some debts. It is also why I love organising my finances too.

So, onto the main reason why I’m writing this post!

Here are some great ideas to try whether it’s on your own or with others:

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