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Month: March 2016

Fascinating Fancies #7

A monthly roundup of useful links for you. Tips and inspiration

Right. I deserve a slap on the wrist for this!

For those that have enjoyed my Fascinating Fancy posts, you’ll know I’ve slacked over the past month following struggling to keep up with it every week. So I’ve decided to amend it slightly to ease the load a bit.

You may be aware that I used to post every Wednesday with a nice variety of links which I thought you’d find useful. I’ve decided to change this now to accommodate more links, but not so often.

So now you can expect to see Fascinating Fancies on the last Wednesday of each month.

I love sharing links that I’ve found useful (and hopefully you will too) so I’m going to carry on sharing useful stuff, just a little less often.

Again, if you have anything you’d like to share, please feel free to let me know! You can contact me HERE via my Contact page.

Lets move on to this month’s Fascinating Fancies post!

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6 Top Tips On Getting Bargain/Free Books!

Top tips to getting free/cheap books

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all doing okay? Apologies for the delay in posting recently. I’ve been a little unwell with some stomach troubles and what with Easter – it’s been a bit hectic.

Anyway I hope you all had a great Easter and are still getting through all the chocolate you’ve been given?!

So. Moving onto the reason for this post. This thought came to me recently when a good friend Helen dropped off two massive bags of books. She’s so thoughtful! I spent quite some time going through them, on a number of occasions, trying to decide which ones I wanted. Christmas came early for me!

It got me thinking though. How else can I get free or dirt cheap books?! Then I thought, “maybe, just maybe, someone else might be thinking the same thing!” Maybe not. Hopefully though as I’m devoting a whole post to it now!

But seriously. You can pick up some amazing bargains. If you like reading as much as I do, a little reminder that you can get them for next to nothing is always great. Plus, reading is great for anxiety.

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8 Myths About Shopping at Charity/Thrift Stores

I tell you why thrift store and charity shop buying is so good

In my never-ending quest to reduce the money I spend on stuff, I’ve found that charity shops/thrift stores are amazing for picking up bargains. I’m talking kitchen items, books, clothing, clothing reused as fabric and much more.

By shopping at charity shops you are helping said charity by donating when buying, as well as saving on throwing away stuff. These two things are actually quite important to me. Why throw something away when someone else will benefit from it? Makes sense doesn’t it?

There’s also certain image associated with people who shop at charity shops however. It took me a while to step inside a charity shop. When I was a child, I’d hate going in charity shops with my parents.

But now though, I have no problem with going in them. They are full of friendly and helpful staff, and you both have a common interest. It’s great.

So I’m going to debunk some of the myths around charity shops/thrift stores. I’m going to show you why you should consider popping into one rather than just walking by.

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The Reasons Why Anxiety Makes You Awesome

There are lots of reasons why anxiety actually makes you an awesome person. inspiration for you.

This post has been inspired by some comments I received here a few days ago. They were all so positive (thank you!) and they really got me thinking. I felt that I struck a chord with a lot of you and I don’t ever want that to go away.

Anxiety is tough. It’s like being prepared for an interview at every moment. It’s exhausting. But you might not have thought about the positive side to anxiety. I want to remind you that anxiety sufferers tend to have a lot of qualities in common and makes you special. You are awesome, and the thing that can sometimes hold you back is actually a gift.

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Do You Want to Simplify Your Life? Read This

I give you some really useful tips on simplifying your life through various means.

As part of Make March Frugal, I’ve been thinking about how living frugally can benefit those suffering from anxiety. I’ve also been thinking more about anxiety as a whole and ways to help deal with it.

Along my discovery and research I have come to the above. Ways to simplify our lives. We all live in a fast paced environment and sometimes this can become overwhelming.

I’ve also written about how living frugally is one way on reducing the stresses we come across. Organising can also help with your anxiety.

But there are other ways to simplify your life. I’m not talking cutting out all of life’s pleasures either. Let me tell you what you can do!

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