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Month: February 2016

Guest Post – Juni Desireé – Why I Love Goals

I’ve had the honour of meeting Juni Desireé – a blogger who is like-minded in her ways and who has been fabulously agreed to write a guest post. So without further adieu, here it is:

Why I love goals by Juni Desireé

Thank you so much to Jessica for suggesting this guest post collaboration about goal setting. It was so great working with you and so fun writing this post.

This is how I came to know I love goals:

I always looked forward to uni holidays. After intense study sessions of essay writing or exam preparation, I looked forward to having weeks without stress and having all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted.

But when the holidays came, I’d find myself lying on my bed daydreaming the day away. By the end of the day I’d feel frustrated, and if this kept up for a few days, I could slip into one of my depressive funks.

When I became aware of this pattern, I questioned why I felt frustrated. After some self-reflection, I worked out that it was because I knew I hadn’t done anything. Doing nothing can be relaxing, restful, fun, and needed sometimes, but doing it for too long wastes time and makes me feel anxious. I realised I needed to do something each day for me to feel like the day was meaningful.

So goals are a beautiful thing for me. They add meaning and excitement to my life. They help me get things done so that at the end of each day I can look back on it and feel content.

The idea of doing nothing sounds great but when I have too much of it my brain instantly starts looking for a project, a list, a goal, a challenge. They give me direction, motivation and inspiration. They are my ideas of fun, and I need them in my life.

That’s part of the reason why I love studying. I love the assignments, the deadlines, the certificate at the end because they make me get up and do something each day. Being aware of this, I like taking this principle into the rest of my life. So I love bucket lists, to-do lists, reading lists, and lists of lists. I love setting goals, making plans, and planning projects.

Half the fun is in the planning. The other half of the fun is in the process. Often the thrill of achieving a goal isn’t as big as the doing of the goal. That’s why I’ll always keep making new goals. Any progress towards a goal is an accomplishment in itself and progress can be made every day, even if it’s little by little.

Now when I catch myself lying on my bed doing nothing, I make myself get up and do something: read a book, draw a picture, write a journal entry, clean my room, catch up with a friend. These are simple things, but things that wouldn’t get done if it weren’t for goal-setting.

Goals are definitely a passion of mine and one of my favourite tools!

Do you love goals?


Why I Think Goal Setting is Great (And Why You Should Too)!

Goals are a great way to increase productivity and ease your anxiety. This guide helps setting goals and why they are important.

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Do you find yourself procrastinating? Have you thought about setting yourself some goals but keep talking yourself out of it and thinking you’ll do it later?

I know I have. It’s so easy. The thing is, as human beings, we need goals in the never-ending need to improve and grow as people. We are always striving to improve ourselves, whether its work, relationship-wise or emotionally related.

In addition to this – setting goals has been proven to significantly increase goal accomplishments. This is why you should set yourself some goals, and is why I love them! They can also be fantastic for building your self-confidence and motivation.

Sitting here and writing this now has only been possible by making the conscious decision to improve me and get myself in gear to strive for better.

Spreading your energy across multiple ideas and areas will lead to possible failure.

I’ve met the lovely Juni(!) as a result of my taking the leap to spread my wings in the blogging world. No one should settle for the same (unless you want to). If you want something, grab the opportunities immediately and go out and get ‘em. If I can do it – so can you.

“So how to do I do this!?” I hear you say.

There are a number of ways to start if you feel yourself drowning in a sea of ideas.

The first step is to decide what it is you want. Keep the list small to start with as too many can become too overwhelming. Also, spreading your energy across multiple ideas and areas will lead to possible failure.

Remember that you can always come back to any other ideas at a later date and there is no massive rush.

Split each goal into ‘short term’ and ‘long term’. By doing this you are defining the life span of the goal and will help to keep your goals organised nicely. It gives you clear focus and allows you to organise your time between each goal. I will cover timing a little later.

It is essential to write your goals down. Without doing this, they are just ideas and can float away with the wind like so many other ideas do. For me, this makes the goal so much more real. You can touch it and go back to it and stick it somewhere you’ll remember. If you are like me you will forget in an instant.

Once you have decided upon your goals, the next step is to bring in the ‘SMART’ approach. I find this approach works wonders for me. Breaking the goal down into sections helps me process my thoughts and really gets me prepared for the journey ahead.


If you haven’t heard of this before (I hadn’t up into very recently!), it is split into the below:

S – pecific

M – easurable

A – ttainable

R – ealistic

T – imely

Think about who and what is needed to gain your goal. Do you need help? Also, think about why you want to do this specific goal.

Specific – So this is your goal. It’s important to be as specific as possible. A goal like ‘get slimmer this year’ is far too broad. You need to define your goal. Something like: ‘I want to tone up and lose 7 pounds by July for my summer holiday. I will do this by going to the gym 3 times a week’ is much more tangible.

Think about who and what is needed to gain your goal. Do you need help? Also, think about why you want to do this specific goal.

Are you trying to tone up for a holiday you have coming up? Or maybe you want to save £/$xxx by the end of the year for a house deposit. What tools will you need to reach your goal?

Measurable – So how are you going to reach your goal? Does your goal need to be tracked by dates/saving amounts? How will you know when it’s been accomplished?

This is important as without a specific target you won’t know when you’ve reached your goal! Aim high but also aim realistically.

Attainable – There is nothing worse that feeling deflated after a goal you have been aiming for is too ambitious. This is so important as I can speak from experience here. There have been many times when I’ve set myself goals which just aren’t possible.

I want to change the world but physically it’s impossible. Ensure that your goal is something you are able to reach and your world is your oyster. The more you work on your goals the easier it will become over time and the more you will want to achieve it.

There’s nothing worse than the excitement of a new project being completed too easily because you didn’t set yourself high enough.

Realistic – This ties in with the above. You have to want to achieve it and setting yourself goals which just aren’t realistic is going to set yourself up for a failure. You won’t be a failure but, if you are particularly critical of yourself like I am, this will be a big blow to your confidence.

At the same time – don’t make your goal too easy. There’s nothing worse than the excitement of a new project being completed too easily because you didn’t set yourself high enough.

The feeling of achievement won’t be as high as you will know in yourself it wasn’t realistic. Maybe you didn’t give it 100% and you might beat yourself up about it.

Finally, Timely – This is very important in goal setting. Without a time frame, how will you know when to finish? How will you want to achieve your goal when you don’t really need to finish it anytime soon? Set yourself a realistic time frame to finish your goal. You can revise this at a later date but be sensible with this.

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Goal setting is a wonderful activity for being more productive. I love goals for this reason and will continue to set myself goals. I can honestly say the feeling of achievement is amazing once you reach them.

My next step is to get a bullet journal! I am a massive nerd for all things stationary and cannot wait to move forward in my ever-increasing control over my own life. I’m not crazy I promise.

Once you have completed your goal, give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself. Heck, you could even celebrate with your friends/family.

Final thought of the day – you can do this! Everyone deserves good things in their lives and you can be one of them!

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What do you do to stay organised and reaching for your goals? How do you motivate yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Leave me a comment.

Ta ta for now!

Fascinating Fancies #3


Welcome to a new edition of Fascinating Fancies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far, I know I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

So what’s in store this week for my lovely people? Well read below for a variety of blog posts and websites which you might find useful….

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– Do you want to declutter? Here is a useful blog post from Forever Organised on 101 things to declutter with a really nice list you can download to get yourself started.

– If you are also like me, you didn’t know that Oxfam have an online shop selling second hand clothes! I think this is a fantastic website with lots of choice, whilst also supporting charity. They also have lovely homeware items and treasure. Take a look!

– As you may be aware it is still freezing! I’ve missed the son really but there is a great post here which helps you find cheap thermals on a thrifty budget.

Are there any sites you can recommend? what thrifty/frugal steps do you take?