What are the best places and resources I’ve found to help you with your well-being and mental health?

What techniques and tips have I got for you my lovely readers? Have a read below.

Resources for you, your well being and your mental health. The best tips around.

A quick intro is in order I think before we get stuck in!

SO. Today is a much lighter post. On Friday I wrote a post where I discussed the Orlando shootings and how this reminds me of the stigma attached to mental health.

Although I didn’t want to use this horrible occurrence as a way of bringing up mental health, I felt it a necessary one.

I talk about why such atrocities have deeply affected me, and how we can learn from it. I look at the facts, the thoughts and the conclusions. You can read that post here.

I’d like to now share with you some of the best resources I’ve discovered along the way over the past few months.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’ve found some truly great stuff I want to share!
How could I not, after all?!The point of my blog is to help guide, support and motivate you. I hope you like them!

So here are the best bits for you (please note that all pictures are obtained from the link directly. None of these are my own):

1. 24 Books That Are Straightforward About Mental Illness

I’ve been searching for some time for books which are helpful for those with a mental illness. Low and behold I find this useful post by Buzzfeed. Each book has a short synopsis which is even better. I’ll be picking some of these up no doubt.

2. How to Take a Self Care (“Mental Health”) Day

how to take a mental health day (self care day)

Self care is so important whether you suffer from a mental illness or not. So have a read of this  over at plumdeluxe.com. They give you some really great ways to have a self-care day to yourself, with or without children!

3. Start Practicing Self-Love Now! Here’s How…

This is a great post for those needing a bit of self love. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it doesn’t make you selfish. Have a read of the tips now, the’re useful!

4. 10 Things You Need To Do To “Find Yourself”

how to get to know yourself better #health:

So this one again isn’t just for those with mental health issues. You might be noticing a theme coming up around these!

This is another great post to learn to do more for yourself and figure out what might be putting you off things. Have a read.

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5. 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental Health Pin

Here are some more really effective ways to improve your mental health. Mashable covers both short term and long term tactics to help you out.

6. Anxiety-Panic information

Kelty, this pin is to help you understand anxiety. It talks about what anxiety is, what the symptoms are, different types of anxiety disorders, and comfort in knowing that anxiety disorders can be maintained through medication, therapy, and life changes.:

I found this website on Pinterest. For those in the US, this is for you. It contains a huge amount of information on anxiety and lots of resources to check out. If you have a query, this should be the place you go!

7. 30+ Ways to Relax and Keep Calm When You’re Feeling Stressed Or Anxious

30+ Ways to Relax and Keep Calm When You're Feeling Stressed Or Anxious

Some more useful tips to help you stay calm and keep calm when you need it most. Would highly

8.Learn about Social Anxiety and skills to cope with it

Okay so this website is really great. Moodjuice was recommended by my doctor as a way of self medicated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Oh did I mention I wrote a blog post on social anxiety too?

Although it didn’t really help me, this might help you. It helps you understand what social anxiety is and how to deal with it. Great.

9. Top 9 Yoga Poses To Deal With Anxiety

The physical asanas (postures) of yoga, mixed with breathing techniques and meditation, can calm the mind, bring perspective and help you deal with anxietal issues for mental clarity and inner peace.:

There’s a lot written on the benefits of yoga on anxiety. If you’re interested, have a read of this post. It gives you some nice positions to help ease anxiety.

10. Depression: 14 Important Insights

A must-read for anybody who has depression, might have depression, or knows somebody with depression. http://www.heysigmund.com/depression-8-fascinating-facts-many-dont-know/:

Hey Sigmund gives you some interesting facts about depression which you might not have known. I certainly didn’t! You might want to share this with other people too. It might help them understand depression better.

11. Treatments For Different Types Of Depression

How to deal with different types of depression and understanding the healing process can help to accept depression and learn more about a mental illness.

For those suffering with depression, or think they may suffer from depression, this is for you. The post contains lots of useful information on the different types of depression and why it’s important to recognise the different types. Have a read!

This link takes you to a really useful infographic I found at Upworthy. Do stop by their website and have a look. I didn’t want to share this here as it’s worthy of a click!

It gives you some interesting facts on PTSD and that it’s more common than you might think.

13. 10 Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression

Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression:

Everyday Health discusses whether lack of vitamins could be the cause of depression. I can certainly agree with this. Have a read as they go into lots of detail for you to make up your own mind.

14. How To Lazy-Proof Your Day

How to Be More Productive

Okay so this isn’t necessarily a resource, more of a really nice blog post to read. For those struggling a bit, have a read of this.

Andie gives you some simple tips to try when you’re feeling the slump. He too suffers from depression so it’s nice hearing someone else’s realistic tips.

15. 10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression

10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression | The Darling Bakers:

This is another really great post. Its for those who may have a loved one who suffers from depression. The Darling Bakers discusses depression and what you can do to help someone suffering with it. Fantastic.

16. 13 Lies Your Depression Is Telling You

13 Lies Your Depression Is Telling You:

A humourous post by the Buzzfeed staff. Have a read, as many of these make so much sense! Our mind is a powerful thing and can lead us to thinking the worst sometimes.

17. 30 Ways to De-Stress Quickly

This is another one where I suggest you visit. It’s another infrographic, with some useful quick tips to remember when you feel stressed.

18. 8 Tried and Tested Ways of Overcoming Social Anxiety

Social anxiety. --> http://lonerwolf.com/overcoming-social-anxiety/:

This is a really great post. I can actually see myself in some of these point on social anxiety.

It just goes to show that you can suffer from all different types of anxiety or depression and it can be hard to differentiate sometimes. Have a read!

19. Why It’s Hard to Calm Yourself Down

The last one where I want you to check it out and no picture! This is another really useful infrographic to save somewhere when you feel panicky.

These are simple steps to keep yourself calm whenever you need it most. Go check it out.

20. 31 Actually Helpful Tips For Dealing With Panic Attacks

31 Ways To Help Calm And Steady Yourself During An Anxiety or Panic Attack Or just to calm and center yourself when needed:

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Buzzfeed is just the best isn’t it! Haha. Anyway here are some great tips that actually work. These are simple and easy ways to distract and ease the symptoms of panic. Save these somewhere too, they might come in handy!

Save these somewhere too, they might come in handy!

I’ve really enjoyed browsing the web and finding these little gems. If you ever need a quick reminder when panic is about to ensue, save this. You might need them one day!

What would you suggest to someone in need of some tips and advice? Share them here!

7 comments on “20 of the Best Resources for You, Your Well-Being and Mental Health”

  1. This post is awesome! Full of loads of great places to get loads of advice and help for mental illness. It is a subject not spoken about often enough! Thank you for including one of my posts in this roundup. I am sharing on social media!

    • Hi Sharon, really glad you like it! I completely agree with you, I want everyone to talk about it more! Thank you so much for sharing, though, your original post was definitely worth sharing 🙂

  2. Lots of great info here – thank you. I often wonder why mental health issues aren’t as stigma free as physical health issues. The mind body connection is so strong and yet many people act as if they are two very separate aspects of humans. I haven’t read it yet but I am particularly interested in the link about nutrition.

    • You are so right with this – I’m glad you feel the same as me! Our mind controls our body so it seems strange that it is treated so very differently. Nutrition actually plays quite a big part so it’s worth checking out. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  3. OMG. This was such a good post. <3
    I was so excited to see your blog by the way. I also have a blog that talks about mental health.I would love to write a guest post or do a collaboration or maybe just even stay in contact. 🙂

    • Hi, Allison! I’m so glad you like it! It’s aways great to meet others that blog about mental health – I bet we have loads in common haha. I’m off over to your blog right now. Fee free to drop me an email about this – I’m sure we can work something out. My email is getintouch@moderndaygirlblog.com, maybe we could collab?!

      Anyway thanks so much for getting in touch :):)

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